Ne mobliez mie

Feel the heartbeat of history

Just under three years. That's how much time it took to restore the castle to perfection and put the legacy of Marquise Arconati Visconti back in its rightful place. During that time, the castle's visitors were replaced by conservators specialising in a whole host of disciplines who, with angelic patience, have made all of its rooms and corridors shine again.

So now, it is high time to welcome you back to the castle, to generously share all of this beauty with you. This year, we will present the castle without a collection, in its purest form.

So what you'll see then is an empty castle? Not quite... We've invited theatre company FC Bergman to create an exhibition for this place. They immersed themselves in our stories and became particularly fascinated by the many photographs sporting the marquise in a mediaeval page's outfit. These portraits express a great nostalgia, an intense longing for other lives and other times. FC Bergman took these images as a starting point and created Ne mobliez mie, exercises in self-preservation, a cinematic exhibition.

The inner garden and park are also being revitalised. In the park, there are some extraordinary stone relics of past eras, such as the Gloriette with its sumptuous stucco ceiling and the fairy-like St. Gertrude's Chapel, which we open every Sunday.

Please feel welcome. We have missed you all.


Reconstructie  van de wandschilderingen

The restoration

It took just under three years to restore the marquise's legacy.  What exactly was going on behind the site fences?

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Wapperende rode vlag met kasteellogo

A new look

Along with Jim Van Raemdonck from design firm Soon, we have created a brand-new visual identity for the castle. Discover it here.

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Markiezin Arconati Visconti

Marie's heritage

On 3 May 1923, marquise Arconati Visconti died, leaving the castle to the Belgian State. Let yourself be swept away by her story.

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Reconstructie  van de wandschilderingen
Sjablonen voor de reconstructie van de wandschilderingen
Galerijzaal tijdens restauratie