Twice upon a Castle

01 April 2015 - 08 November 2015

“What if the stones could speak?” In 2014 the British theatre troupe and artists’ collective WildWorks gave Gaasbeek Castle a voice and brought the history of this place enchantingly back to life. The castle unleashed its century-old memories on the visitors and enticed them to play a part in its story. Jeroen D’hoe wrote a compelling musical score and Tim Van Steenbergen scattered his astounding theatre costumes over the trail.

Based on favourable reviews of almost 35.000 visitors we continue this story in 2015. Some rooms will be completely redesigned to boost the trail. Embark on an exploration, a feast for your eyes, your ears and your heart, and let your imagination run wild. An exciting discovery for young and old, where people and heritage meet!

Visitors’ quotes, 2014-2015

“Thank you for creating a time machine. Five senses all stimulated at once. The emotions stirred our soul.”
“You’ve created amazing atmospheres. Even the air seemed different this time. Please continue your amazing work.”
“Cool reinterpretation of a museum experience.”
“A wonderful castle brought to life! Thank you.”
“This place rocks!”
“The voice of the castle spoke softly and compellingly. I left thoughtful and delighted by its beauty.”
“Very fascinating and exciting for the children.”
“I will always remember my visit here.”
“Kasteel van Gaasbeek is the best castle ever!”
“A unique experience – a once-in-a-lifetime visit!”
“We had great fun in the castle!!!”
“We’ve been to many castles and this is a wonderful way to explore. Loved every minute of it."
“It was an interesting experience. It all seemed like scenes from a movie. I felt everything through all five senses. I hope I get to visit places like this again, soon!”
"An exhibition for the senses!"

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