Flemish Masters in Situ - Gerard Seghers

01 June 2019 - 30 September 2019

With the project ‘Flemish Masters in Situ’, Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen wants to share works by Flemish Masters that are
still on display in their original location with a wide audience. Thanks to the King Boudewijn Foundation and with the support of the Baillet-Latour Fund we were able to have the monumental altarpiece ‘The Vision of Saint Gertrude’ by Gerard Seghers
restored. This painting was painted in approximately 1625 for the Saint Gertrude's Chapel, which was erected around that time in the
castle park.

Commissioning churches, chapels, schools and infirmaries and caring for the poor and needy, St Gertrude of Nivelles was mainly known for her hospitality to pilgrims. Though she was also very knowledgeable when it came to the Holy Scripture and she was a mystic who had visions, as depicted on this canvas. Her aid was often called in against fever, lunacy, and rat and mice infestations, the latter of which inspired her attribute: a staff surrounded by mice. Major baroque artist Gerard Seghers painted in the style of Caravaggio and Rubens.

You will be able to admire the restored work in the Coach House of the castle and find out all about it through an interactive touchscreen and a personal audio story. As an added bonus, Peter De Cupere will create a scented installation ‘tailored’ to the painting. All we can tell you so far is that it features lilies... 


Gerard Seghers, The vision of Saint Gertrudis