Once upon a Castle

20 April 2014 - 09 November 2014

In 2014, the British artists’ collective WildWorks will be bringing the castle and its former inhabitants back to life. Recently, they transformed Kensington Palace in London into a bewitching universe that captured the hearts of all who visited. WildWorks created a mysterious world, full of gripping emotions and fragile poetry.

In their hands, Gaasbeek Castle is being turned into a living organism that will unleash its centuries-old memories on you. Dramatic and intimate moments alternate in a maze that plays with different layers of time and characters. The performance, installations, soundscapes and light and shadow effects bring down the barriers between heritage and art, and between history and fiction. You can experience the tragic life of Egmond, meet the eccentric idealist Paul Arconati and the passionate Marchioness Arconati Visconti.

Jeroen D’hoe has composed a new score for the occasion, and Tim Van Steenbergen’s striking costumes, which embody the fusion of form and content, exude timeless beauty.

This is an exciting project and one which pushes back the boundaries. In it, people and heritage come together, and the castle can for the first time play its role of Gesamtkunstwerk to the full.


Read here the article 'Voices from the Past' in Flanders Today from 30 April, 2014 (Daan Bauwens).


  • The Room of Mourning, photo Steve Tanner
  • The House of Egmond, photo Steve Tanner
  • Angels and Demons, photo Steve Tanner
  • The Tower of My Desire, photo Steve Tanner

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