In Between

06 September 2013 - 03 November 2013

This autumn in Gaasbeek and Groenenberg you will be able to take in an exhibition and an experience trail on the cutting edge of nature, heritage and artistic expression. In Between - inner and outer walkscapes is a tour that takes visitors from the castle through the museum gardens and the extensive grounds to the deciduous woodland and unspoiled nature in and around Gaasbeek Castle and the Groenenberg estate. You can revel for hours in a world of art, transience, silence and nature as you wander around grounds that extend over around 100 hectares.

Libraries are full of tomes written about the relationship between nature and culture. And we have not heard the last about this by a long stretch of the imagination. The fact that we, human beings, need both is irrefutable. High time therefore for an exhibition that literally creates a path from the inside out. A walk that does not just take you through Gaasbeek Castle, but also through the surrounding grounds, the stunning museum gardens and the Groenenberg estate. This project is a long-awaited dream become reality: the castle and the gardens are reunited and accessible at the same time. An eagerly awaited première!

But the path also leads from the outside in. The project honours the noble art of wandering aimlessly around. "In Between offers visitors an experience trail in which they come across works of art that relate to nature but
without illustrating it," says curator Joris Capenberghs. "The emphasis here is placed on the layered quality of the moment and the personal discovery and the way visitors interpret this. As you wander around you will
discover all of this at your own pace and be able to make your own associations. Impressions will come at you from all sides and you will discover spots that you have never seen before. The familiar and unfamiliar overlap in total harmony."

Apollo meets Dionysus; Orpheus inspires Prometheus and vice-versa. Paradise is within hand"s reach, but we had almost forgotten this ...

A glimpse at the artists who have contributed to this exhibition trail: Michaël Borremans, Sander Buyck, Eduardo Chillida, Stijn Cole, Jeroen D"hoe, Rose-Marie Dath, Diane de Bournazel, Emiel De Keyser, Raoul De Keyser, Fred Eerdekens, Koen Evens, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Frederic Geurts, Angela Glajcar, Willo Gonnissen, Alfredo Jaar, Karen Knorr, Wolfgang Laib, Christian Lapie, Kate MccGwire, Brody Neuenschwander, Johan Opstaele, Serge Poliakoff, Susumu Shingu, Maarten Stuer, Koenraad Tinel, Rinus Van de Velde, Karin van der Molen, Sarah Vanagt, Fabienne Verdier, Lieve Vermeire, Aeneas Wilder, Cindy Wright, as well as Goethe, Hafez and a host of other unnamed artists.


Read here the article about In Between in Flanders Today from September 18 2013 (journalist Tom Peeters).

In Between is the result of an intense joint venture between Gaasbeek Castle, the Agency for Nature and Forests and the not-for-profit Waerbeke the socio-cultural movement for silence and quality of life. This joint venture on the part of two Flemish government authorities, responsible for the national heritage site and the surrounding estate respectively, is a perfect example of the cross-cutting approach expressly requested by Flemish Minister Joke Schauvliege. The different areas that fall under her jurisdiction, namely the Environment, Nature and Culture, all come together in this project, which forms part of Waerbeke"s annual campaign - the culture of silence. The association has set itself the mission of involving varied and often not immediately obvious social players in the project and showing them the way to Gaasbeek and Groenenberg.


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