06 May 2011 - 26 June 2011

Jan De Vliegher"s paintings are reminiscent of an Impressionism that uses the object as an alibi for the eruption of highly expressive light studies on the canvas. De Vliegher paints "familiar objects": glass, porcelain plates, marble busts, interior fragments, facades, and so on. But he deconstr... 

Art salon Museum of Fine Arts

21 June 2011 - 26 August 2018

Due to the renovation of the museum building, the regular collection of the Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts can no longer be visited on site. Many of the artworks will be moved to other locations. The MAS (the Museum by the River), the Rockox House and Gaasbeek Castle will welcome a few paintin... 

Pimp Your Castle

01 September 2011 - 08 October 2011

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Sleeping Beauties

09 September 2011 - 13 November 2011

Sleeping Beauties at Gaasbeek Castle ... This exhibition, which runs from 9 September through 13 November 2011, uses the castle as a metaphor. Indeed, as a historical house, it is a "sleeping beauty" of sorts in its own right, a dream machine in which time seems to come to a standstill.<... 

Sleeping Beauties breken uit ...

09 September 2011 - 13 November 2011

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The Dream

22 September 2011

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Your cuddly has dreams too

08 October 2011 - 09 October 2011

Fancy your favourite cuddly spending the night in a castle, in a real prince or princess bed ? No fancy at all ! Your cuddly will first be treated to a thrilling knight's bedtime story, to which you are of course also warmly invited. And what about mummy and daddy ? They can enjoy the Nachtr... 


08 October 2011

Nightly creatures are roaming around the castle, beckoning you to enter their world, which bears little resemblance to its day counterpart. They are balancing on the edge between waking and sleeping. What is dream ? What is real ?

Dance performance by Pimp Your Castle in cooperation with ... 

Halloween: Victorian Freak Circus

31 October 2011

At this year's Halloween we will be welcoming a weird bunch of creepy circus artists, 'carnies', putting up their tents in front of Gaasbeek Castle. It is not known where they come from, but that they will put on a spectacle is, as far as the farthest corners of their multiversum.