Last Call for Gaasbeek

20 Mai 2020 - 30 August 2020


Gaasbeek Castle is on the eve of a major restoration campaign. At the end of august it will be closing its doors and will not be opening them again until 2023. High time to honour this exceptional heritage with a final visit!

Medieval fort. Strategic bastion. Splendid summer residence. Sanctuary for political exiles. Theatre of history. Contemporary museum. All correct - but the castle is, above all, one great Wunderkammer: a colourful collection of unusual objects that amaze, dazzle and carry you off into long-gone times. It is this aspect that we put forward during this final season before closing.

Wunderkammer Walk

Wander at your own pace through the castle’s corridors and rooms, escape the hubbub of everyday life and allow yourself to be amazed by twelve featured show-pieces. Each with its own story, each as intriguing and unique as the next.

Last Call for Gaasbeek: one last chance for those who want to enjoy the castle in which - for just a moment longer- everything is exactly as it was.

! Read all about the additional precautionary measures that have been taken to guarantee both your safety and the safety of our employees or book your visit online. See you soon!

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Schloss GaasbeekWunderkammer