The Artist/Knight

11 July 2017 - 05 November 2017

The image of the knight has had a strong appeal to our imagination since childhood. Romantics dream of a knight riding a beautiful white horse. What does this archetypal symbol stand for? Do the knightly values of self-restraint and loyalty still have any meaning today?

Curator Joanna De Vos is off on an exploratory quest, creating an international group exhibition in Gaasbeek Castle centring on the tribute paid by contemporary artists to the idealistic interpretation of the knight. The works of art, comprising drawings and paintings as well as sculptures, installations and films, accompany the visitor to an imaginary world that evokes the spirit of chivalry. The work will include themes such as the self-portrait of the artist as knight, the female knight, the knight’s suit of armour and decoration, his or her character, the castle as a place of residence and the jousting game.

The mediaeval Gaasbeek castle is the ideal place for an investigation into what a knight is and how these ancient symbols link up with the world of the artist, and from there with the rest of the world.

‘The Artist/Knight’ is a tribute to the poetic knight who gallantly rides forth from the mists of the Romantic past into the world
of today. The tragic-heroic knight who falls and rises again, who conquers, rescues, defends, protects, seeks and investigates.

With work from, among others, Marina Abramović, Jan Fabre, Lucio Fontana, Oda Jaune, Pere Llobera, Kris Martin, Fabien Mérelle, Benjamin Moravec, Luigi Ontani, Adeela Suleman, Uldus, Andy Warhol and Andy Wauman.

Practical information

  • From Tuesday 11 July to Sunday 5 November 2017
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The Artist/KnightThe Artist/Knight